Group Personal Training


I realise that many people like to train with a partner or a small group. For some people it can help reduce the cost but it can also help to overcome confidence issues or give you motivation to achieve your goals quicker. Whether you want to train in a pair or a larger group I can ensure my sessions will accommodate your desires to achieve your goals. These sessions can be conducted in your own home or outdoors.

Small group sessions are a great way to become fitter and stronger whilst achieving them with friends and family. After your initial consultation, I will design the sessions around the groups goals and ensure they are fun and effective with progressions of a variety of exercises. I will provide expert advice and track your results along the way for you all to see your progress.

If you don’t have childcare then I currently train clients who have young babies that are with us for the sessions, so there is no need to worry about the extra cost for childcare!

If you would like more information about Group Personal Training Sessions, please contact me on 07803245590 or email me at or contact me through Facebook

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